Wondering, "What do my Lexus dashboard waring lights mean?" If one of the warning lights on your Lexus dashboard has turned on, don’t fret, the professionals at Parker Lexus are here to help. Our state-of-the-art Lexus service center will explain the Lexus dashboard symbols and ensure your vehicle leaves in tip-top shape. Here’s a quick rundown of the potential Lexus dashboard warning lights, but don’t hesitate to contact our Lexus dealership near Bryant, AR, if you have any questions.

Lexus Dashboard Symbols and Meanings

Every new Lexus vehicle has dashboard symbols and warning lights. From the low engine oil pressure warning light to the seat belt reminder symbol, there are several Lexus warning lights to help you on your journeys across Arkansas and beyond. We’ve created a quick guide to Lexus dashboard lights to help explain some of the indicators that you could possibly come across.

ABS Warning Light

When the Anti-lock Brake System indicator light illuminates on your dashboard, then we suggest you bring your vehicle into our Little Rock Lexus service center. Continue your journey cautiously while trying to avoid braking with full force and give us a call to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

Charging System Warning Light

When you see the battery symbol turn on, it can indicate a potential malfunction in the charging system. If this dashboard light comes on it may be related to the alternator, drive belt, or the battery itself.

Engine Coolant Temperature Warning Light

If this dashboard light illuminates, stop your vehicle immediately in a safe spot on the road. This indicator means the engine is overheated and it’s time to bring your car to our nearby Lexus service center for an engine inspection.

Low Engine Oil Pressure Warning

This Lexus dashboard light indicates that the engine oil pressure is too low. Immediately stop your vehicle and contact Parker Lexus. To avoid this warning symbol, make sure to stay up to date on your Lexus service intervals.

Other Lexus Dashboard Lights

Other Lexus dashboard indicator lights can include:

  • Low Fuel Level Warning Light
  • Power Steering System Warning
  • Seat belt reminder light
  • Security Indicator
  • Tire Pressure Warning Light (TPMS)
  • Open Door Warning Light
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